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Judging by the amount imbibed, beer beats wine hands down in global popularity stakes. About two bottles of beer are sold for every glass of wine. Despite this popularity, beer isn’t often taken as seriously as wine. A wine devotee gets to be called a connoisseur, while a beer expert is more likely to be dubbed a nerd.

At auctions, bottles of wine have been known to fetch many thousands of pounds, whereas even the rarest of beers sell for much less. Maybe that explains wine's gravitas. Luckily, you don’t need to be wealthy to enjoy either beverage.
This website is for beer enthusiasts (nerds, if you like), and wine connoisseurs alike. Whether your passion is rooting out great beers, or discovering fantastic wines, you’re in the right place.

The making of wine

3 Apr 2019

We all love a nice glass of wine, don't we? Perhaps by now it is in our DNA to love this beverage of the gods... because wine has been our first choice of drink for thousands of years already. Take a look at this documentary about the art of wine making which includes a bit about its history.

Beer of all (well, a few) styles

25 Feb 2019

In this charming video we are introduced to five different styles of beer. To some beer is just beer but to others beer is a whole world of colour and flavour. Like there is red, white, pink and bubbly wines (for starters) there are ales, lagers, milds and porters (again: for starters) within the realm of beer. Enjoy!